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Becoming Buffy


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Disclaimer:  Buffy is based on a friend of mine, and I’ve added in all of the societal struggles that she experienced.  I don’t advocate those struggles, and I just wanted to make that clear.  Sometimes it’s good to put yourself in the “shoes” of someone else to develop a certain level of empathy.  I hope you’ll feel that for Buffy, as you become her.


Buffy is a southern lady;  a debutante, in fact.  She was groomed to dress and act like a lady, and she does it with style and grace.  One of her favorite activities is to bake in the kitchen, and she always greets friends and neighbors with a hearty, “Hey, ya’ll”.

But she has a very naughty secret.  Late at night, she enjoys an erotic indulgence, that is not very lady-like…. but it’s ohhhhhh so sexy!  Buffy just can’t resist.
For the next 3 days, you will become Buffy!
Have fun!
Thank you for supporting my work – I hope you enjoy this session!
  • Special Thanks To:  Jacob, Always Agree
  • Themes:  Layered Whispers, Relaxation, Personality change, role-play, feminization
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track:  Yes
  • Sound Effects:  No
  • C*u*m Command:  No
  • Brainwaves:  No
  • Gender Specific: No, but you do become female.
  • Finger Snaps:  No
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands:  No
  • Financial Domination: No
  • Amnesia Suggestions:  Yes
  • Fractionation:  No
  • Subliminal Messages:  No
  • Post-Hypnotic Task:  Yes
  • Music:  KAmbient10
  • Original Release Date: 10/13/2021
  • 22:15 Minutes


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